Vita-Set Powder

Vita-Set Powder

VITA-SET multi benefit powder goes beyond setting foundation to deliver antioxidant and environmental protection. Pure Glacial Marine Clays soothe skin, absorb extra oils and balance ph maintaining foundation finish and colour. Niacinamide most stable from of B3 vitamin defends from free radical skin damage while activating skin collagen production to keep skin smooth and youthful.

  • Improves wear of foundation - long wear
  • Balances oils and skin ph levels
  • Provides potent environmental protection from free radical damage
  • Gives an airbrush finish to makeup

Volume: 20g

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Powerful skin transforming vitamin. Increases collagen production, reduces pigmentation and sun damage as well as providing anti inflammatory benefits to stressed skin

CANADIAN Glacial Marine Clay
This ultra pure clay is very rich in minerals and micro nutrients proving skin revitalizing, detoxifying and soothing benefits

Zinc Oxide (NON NANO)
Protects from free radical damage, reduces skin inflammation and promotes the healing of acne

Blend VITA SET POWER with VEGAN HD ROUND BRUSH over clean face or over Vita Active Foundation for mattefying soft finish.

I began using FITGLOW makeup and skincare 3 years ago, and quickly started to notice radical changes to my skin. My pores seemed to shrink, the breakouts around my jaw line started to disappear, my skin tone was evening out and my face was smooth and soft to touch. The make up made my face glow, and gave me more of a natural look rather than a "caked on" make up look. People were commenting on how great my skin was which was something I never received before. Not only did I look good...but I felt good! I had never had such great results. I am still using the entire skincare line and it still produces amazing results. For the first time, I'm ecstatic about a product that gives me everything I've needed. This is an amazing line that only keeps getting better and I know for sure that FITGLOW BEAUTY has made me a life long customer!
- Jennifer

I have been using FITGLOW products for 2 years. I have used many other products in he past for acne and acne scars. Since I've been using FITGLOW I have hardly gotten a blemish. No other product has made my skin feel as soft and smooth as FITGLOW does. It always feels and looks as good as when I used to get expensive microdermabrasion treatments done. The make up gives you amazing coverage and it doesn't feel like your not wearing anything on your face. I highly recommend FITGLOW skin care and make up to everyone I know. I love the way my skin glows!
- Brandy

The vita set powder is so delicate on top of the vf2 foundation, it gives a silky finish and combats any oiliness from the day without drying my skin. It is perfection! My skin has never looked so good! It's all the goodness you put in your products that is making my skin thrive. A big thank you for that.

Sericite, Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin Clay, Silica, Zinc Oxide, Glacial Marine Clay, Niacinamide (B3) Iron Oxides (CI77492, CI77491), Ultramarines (CI77007).