Flawless Setting Kit

Make sure your skin is being treated right through to the last step in your routine!


  • Vita Set Powder (22g)
  • Vegan Teddy Round Brush
  • Lux Vegan Makeup Bag
  • Value of $140 

Vita Set is a multi-benefit translucent powder that goes beyond setting your makeup to deliver antioxidant and environmental protection. With Pure Glacial Marine Clay, it soothes, absorbs excess oil, and balances the skin's pH, as well as delivers Niacinamide, the most stable version of vitamin B3 to defend from free radical damage. Vita Set Powder improves the skins ability to produce collagen, keeping skin youthful and smooth. A light application over the skin gives a matte look without looking powdery, while giving a seamless airbrushed finish to your makeup base. It can also be used without makeup over clean, hydrated skin to matte, and give a smooth finish while deliver skin loving nutrients to feed the skin and control oils through the day.

The Vegan Teddy Round Brush is a dense, super plush and soft powder brush that gives a diffused application of powder in just a few swipes, for a longer lasting base, and a matte but not powdery finish. The Vegan Teddy Round Brush also works with your favourite blush and bronzer, and the large diffused bristles make for easy seamless blending, especially in a hurry.  

The Vegan Lux Makeup Bag keeps all of your Fitglow products organized and safe, even on the go. With elastic enclosures to keep a placeholder for your items, this gorgeous bag also doubles as a clutch, or an on-the-go makeup bag to hold the items you need to transform your daytime look to holiday party ready.