Makeup 101 - Lumi Firm Duo in Pop + Illuminate

We are ready for Spring and a fresh POP of colour! The new LUMI FIRM DUO contains the original illuminating soft champagne shade LUMI ILLUMINATE and a brand new illuminating strawberry cream shade called LUMI POP. In the easy to blend creamy formula, the LUMI FIRM shades are multi-purpose products; use them on the cheeks, eyes, lips, and anywhere that you want a little extra dazzle in your complexion. They smooth over the skin amazingly, and can be worn over your makeup as a finishing touch, or applied to bare skin for a subtle and natural flush to the cheeks, tint on the lips, or highlight on the eye and you’re naturally glowing.

The colour payoff of the LUMI FIRM shades are sheer and buildable. Applying them is like working with watercolours, giving you the control to slowly build up the shades with your complexion. This makes these little gorgeous pots of colour easy to work with and blend. They give a very natural look as the skin-firming peptide-packed formula melts beautifully over the skin. The result is a highlight and a blush shade that works with the skin rather than sitting on top, giving the appearance that the skin is lit from within for a healthy glowing complexion.

Application is made simple as we love to apply these products with our fingers. You can also use the TEDDY DOUBLE CHEEK BRUSH or the TEDDY DOUBLE EYE BRUSH as well for application. Scrape a small amount of LUMI FIRM or LUMI POP onto the back of your hand and warm it with your fingers to really get the texture moving. Gently dab the creamy formula over the tops of the cheekbones, apples of the cheeks, cupids bow, lips, inner corners of the eyes, brow bones, eyelids, anywhere you want an extra emphasis and glow on your skin. Just a few dabs blends it in beautifully, and you’ll be glowing all day.

For this fresh Spring look, Nina began with VITA ACTIVE FOUNDATION in shade VF2 as her base, CONCEAL + in shade C3 for full coverage, EYE BRIGHT under the eyes and up the tops of the cheekbones for lift and GOOD LASH + for a seriously voluminous lash.

STEP 1: With your fingers, dab a small of LUMI POP over the apples of the cheeks with your fingers. Beginning in the center of the cheeks work your way outwards in a circular motion so that the product is most heavily deposited to the apple of the cheek and the colour is diffused outwards. Gently continue to blend any edges into your complexion, the colour will dissolve into the skin. By depositing the most colour to the apples of the cheeks, your blush will bring a healthy fullness right where you want the cheeks to pop.

STEP 2: With your fingers, dab a small amount of LUMI FIRM along the tops of the cheekbones, taking the highlight all the way to the temple and close to the hairline. This will bring lift to the cheek and eye area, allowing the cheeks to look more full and the eyes to appear more lifted. Even with this small step, you’re bringing so much dimension to the skin; it’s that extra element of glow but without emphasizing any texture in the skin or settling into lines. LUMI FIRM is the adult version of highlight, and the plant peptides in the formula boost collagen production in the skin. Next, blend down the remaining product on your fingers over the tops of the apples of the cheeks. This will further emphasize the full round cheek flush you achieved with the LUMI POP, giving you a gorgeous glowing natural blush. 

STEP 3: Take a tiny bit more of the LUMI POP with your fingers, and gently pat the colour over your lips. For a stain-like effect, dab a small amount to the center of the upper and lower lips and gently smudge it out. For a more potent pink pout, the LUMI POP can be applied with a fine lip brush, delivering a stronger colour payoff and a statement pink lip. The shade has a gentle illumination that gives a fullness to the lips, and the strawberry cream colour is gorgeous on all skin tones. LUMI POP on the lips can also be layered with your favourite LIP COLOUR SERUM as an added tint, so get in there, get your hands dirty, and play!