1. Using Fitglow Beauty Eyeshadow Brush, apply the darkest shade in the Slate Eyeshadow Duo all over lid and up to the crease.

2. Using Fitglow Beauty Detail Brush, sweep darkest shade under the lower lash line.

3. Wipe off the Fitglow Beauty Eyeshadow brush, and apply the lightest shade in the Slate Eyeshadow Duo in the crease of the eye to blend, back and forth.

4. Using the same brush and lightest colour in the Slate Eyeshadow Duo, blend the bottom lash line, so it appears softer.

5. Using the Fitglow Beauty Flat Detail Brush, apply the lightest shade from Fitglow Beauty Hilight to the inner corner of the eye.

6. Using the lightest shade and same brush, apply Fitglow Beauty Hilight to brow bone.

7. Apply two generous coats of Fitglow Beauty Good Lash, for full beautiful lashes.

8. Apply Your Favourite Fitglow Beauty Lipstick to achieve the finished look.