Fitglow Holiday Glow Guide

December 11, 2018

Fitglow Holiday Glow Guide

Holiday season is party season and that means putting your best face forward. For a tried-and-true holiday look, focus on luminous, glowing skin that looks lit from within. Healthy radiant skin requires the right skin care routine and then can be enhanced with smart makeup application. Follow the tips below to achieve your most luminous complexion this holiday season (and beyond).


During the winter months, dry skin is beauty enemy #1 – it can lead to flakes and scales and make the skin vulnerable to irritation and redness. We recommend using a gentle exfoliant comprised of round jojoba beads and fruit enzymes or a combination of mild alpha hydroxy and/or beta hydroxy acids rather than abrasive, gritty scrubs, which can cause tiny micro-tears of the skin’s surface. The Fitglow Beauty Fruit Radiance Mask is the perfect prep step to add to your routine.


During the colder and drier months, you may find that just your moisturizer just doesn’t cut it at providing you with the hydration your skin needs. This is the best time of year to create a skin regimen that layers the appropriate products to provide your skin with hydration as well as protection. To layer products, it is always best to start with the lightest products first or those with the most potent active ingredients that you want to deliver the deepest into the skin and then build up to richer or heavier products. If your skin lacks that healthy glow this time of year you may want to try the following skin care ritual:

If you are heading to a party and want the perfect skin care layer routine for under makeup try the steps below:


For more dramatic brightening results, now is the perfect time of year to establish a skin treatment routine. The best time to treat the skin is overnight with proven formulations containing ingredients like retinol (vitamin A), AHA’s/BHA’s, vitamin C and other potent antioxidants. We recommend the Vita Youth Oil as your night treatment because the liposomal retinol it contains promotes cell turnover and rejuvenation. You could also use the Age Clear Serum Pads to further encourage cellular renewal and fade hyperpigmentation (these are also great if you struggle with acne on your chest or back and want to prep your skin for your New Year’s Eve outfit).


Now that you have diligently prepped your skin with a nourishing skincare routine it’s time to create the show-stopping, fresh-faced holiday makeup look. The Vita Active Foundation and Conceal+ are the perfect, acne-safe products to create that flawless look. A thin layer evens out the skin tone and conceals while still looking natural. Set your foundation layer with a light dusting of Vita Set Powder to keep your makeup look going strong well into the festivities. To avoiding dulling that radiant glow you created only apply powder to areas where you tend to get shiny or where makeup tends to crease or slide – most often the forehead, center of the nose, under the eyes and chin. To refresh your look throughout the evening, stash a travel sized bottle of the Sea Toning Mist in your clutch and give a quick spritz as needed.


Give the Christmas tree a little sparkly, dazzling competition by placing Lumi Firm highlight to the high points of the face – between the eyebrows on the forehead, down the center of the nose, high on cheekbones, and on the cupid's bow of the lips. This gives a healthy radiance to the skin and makes the face appear more youthful. Hint: when applied to the cupids bow of the lips, Lumi Firm gives the appearance of fuller plumper lips.


For kissable, hydrated lips perfect for chance encounters under the mistletoe look for lipsticks and serums and promote retention of moisture within the lip tissue without causing irritation. The Fitglow Beauty Lip Colour Serum and Lip Colour Creams are formulated with natural plumping agents that encourage intercellular water retention and powerful antioxidants to protect your vulnerable lip skin from environmental free radicals. Not only are these products great for your lips but they also provide stunning colors perfect for all holiday makeup looks.