The new Fitglow double-sided Teddy Brushes are here! The super-soft, synthetic bristles are densely packed for fast application of makeup without wasting any product. The bristles work for both cream and powder colours, giving you versatile tools and freeing up space in your makeup collection. In a world without magic wands, we think these gorgeous new brushes are the closest thing to them. You’ll be twirling and flipping through your makeup routine like a beauty ninja!


The TEDDY DOUBLE CHEEK BRUSH is built to perfectly hug all the curves of your face and neck. One side is a large angled shape, perfect for building up the cheekbones and contouring the skin, neck, and bronzing to achieve your JLo-glow with LUMI BRONZE. You could also use it as an all over powder brush, or for a soft application of your favourite blush from the DAY + NIGHT PALETTES. The other side is a rounded blush brush, perfect for building up colour to the cheeks, or for setting specific areas of the face with VITA SET POWDER like under the eyes or down the t-zone. This shape would also be beautiful for your highlight along the top of the cheekbone in your favourite LUMI FIRM shade. There are no rules so you can be creative!


The TEDDY DOUBLE EYE BRUSH is perfectly shaped to take the stress out of eyeshadow blending. The larger side is rounded and shaped to apply the DAY + NIGHT PALETTE mineral eyeshadows in a soft diffusion so your product is a seamless blend from the start. Large enough to be used for CONCEAL + concealer blending and LUMI FIRM highlight as well, the synthetic bristles are great for both powder and cream products. The smaller end is just the right shape for the inner corner of the eye highlight. Doubling as a smudged liner brush, you can take any shadow colour with this end and along the lash line create a subtle hint of definition all the way to a smouldering smokey-eye. You’re free to play!


The TEDDY FOUNDATION BRUSH is a game-changing super tool that once you try it out, you won’t want to blend any other way. The extra soft bristles are packed tightly to dispense the VITA ACTIVE FOUNDATION onto your skin and not into the brush. The large surface area makes for a fast application of your foundation, and the flexibility allows you to still get into the smaller areas around the eyes and nose with ease. The TEDDY FOUNDATION BRUSH is also a perfect mate for the CONCEAL +, with a few dots buffed out over the skin, the CONCEAL + becomes a full coverage foundation in a few swipes of the brush.


We care about the ingredients that go into the products we use, and we should care just as much about the tools that go on our skin. If you’re applying makeup with your brushes daily, you should be shampooing your brushes weekly for a thorough clean.

STEP 1: Wet the brushes with warm water.

STEP 2: Place a pea-sized amount of baby shampoo or your favourite organic shampoo into the palm of your hand.

STEP 3: Swirl the wet brush bristles gently around the shampoo in the palm of your hand. Work in one direction so that the bristles remain organized and don’t become tangled.

STEP 4: Run the soapy brush under warm water and squeeze out the water and shampoo, and continue to swirl in the palm of your hand. Alternate cleansing the brush and rinsing and squeezing until the water runs clear when you squeeze it out of the brush.

STEP 5: Give the brush one last thorough rinse to be sure all the colour and product is removed, and squeeze the brush back into shape to remove the extra water.

STEP 6: Using a clean towel, press the brush back into shape one last time with the towel to get as much moisture out as you can.

STEP 7: Place the towel along the edge of a sink or table, and place the brushes along the edge into open air.

STEP 8: With your clean fingers, fluff open the bristles of the brush slightly to increase the airflow, without compromising the brush shape. You want the bristles to set in their correct shape to maintain the health and lifespan of the brush. Well cared for and maintained brushes will last a very long time.